Start Streaming Online is an educational and marketing company.

Our company focuses on helping people learn about streaming, and doing a lot of the leg work for them to find the equipment they need to get started.

I’ve been a streamer for over 6 years now, playing everything from shooters like Fortnite, to strategy games like Starcraft, Role-playing games, and even space simulations like Kerbal Space Program. Let me help you get started in the world of streaming, so it’s easier and less headaches. As someone who basically had to figure this out on my own, I would have loved to have had someone help me out at times.

The Crew

We are streamers ourselves, and have been streaming on Twitch for over 6 years. With first hand experience in streaming communities, we’re dedicated to helping you succeed.

Our Philosophy

Do good things for other people. We want to make every aspect of streaming as simple as possible. We’re interested in your growth and success.


We serve people by helping them learn, using many educational resources found online. We also provide guides on what equipment to buy, and use affiliate links to earn commissions from the products we recommend – at no additional cost to you.