Streaming Equipment

Here’s where you’ll find our guides and recommendations for equipment you’ll need to start streaming.


It’s important that people are able to hear you clearly, so you’ll want to invest in a microphone for good clean audio. The small, built-in laptop microphones can work, but the viewer experience is so much better with an external dedicated mic.

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Cameras & Webcams

Most streamers want to be personalities on their streams, and therefore use a camera or web cam so the audience gets to watch them. It’s much more personable when you get to see the streamer!

Laptop cameras are improving these days, but they have smaller lenses and don’t do so well in low light conditions. Additionally, if you have an intense gaming session, every time you’re hammering on the keyboard it could jiggle the built-in camera and reduce the quality of your video for your viewers.

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Gaming Laptops

Some streamers want to have mobility combined with high performance computers. Thus the gaming laptop was born.

Having a computer that can go with you wherever you want to go is very convenient, so check out our Guide to Gaming Laptops.

Gaming Deskstops

Desktop computers have been around a long time, and many people are familiar with them. When gaming took off as a serious past time, desktops evolved and high performance components were introduced. Having high speed RAM, and computationally powerful graphics cards to render action scenes smoothly are some of the advantages of gaming desktops.

For the ultimate gaming performance, a desktop is the only way to go. Take a look at our Guide to Gaming Desktops.


Lighting your scene is critical to your viewers enjoying the experience of watching your stream. You want make sure they can see you, and you can also set the mood or vibe with a variety of lighting options. Whether it’s bright, or dim, or even colorful LEDs in the background. It’s all up to you!

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Keyboards & Mice

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